New Article on the ‘Specious Present’ in William James & Augustine

To my pleasant surprise, I was just informed that my piece on the ‘specious present’ in William James & Augustine has already been published in the journal¬†Consensus¬†(40.2). Check it out here! (But beware Brentano in the margins…)

This is the end-result of my research efforts this summer in support of the 2019 Cheiron conference on the history of psychology & the behavioural sciences, which was hosted here at MacEwan University in Edmonton. Thanks go out again to Nancy Digdon, Michael Dawson, & the rest of the Cheiron team. It was great to get out of my Augustinian comfort zone, if only for a little while.

There are a number of other cool pieces in this edition of Consensus, as well. Check out the full table of contents here.