New Presentation: _The Killing Spirit_ @ Canada’s Humanities Congress

At long last, I’ve just registered to present at the Canadian Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences for the first time. I’ll be presenting my research before the Canadian Society of Patristic Studies.

The title of my paper will be “The Killing Spirit: Augustine’s Anti-Manichaean Reception fo the Apocryphal Act of Peter.” It’ll consist of my reading of Augustine’s strange use of that particular apocryphal text in his Contra Adimantium, a little-studied tome that aims to undermine the claims of the Manichaean polemicist Adimantius.

In this fragmentary apocryphon, Peter adopts a controversial stance regarding the status of his own child, who appears to become a pawn in the game of the divine’s demonstration of its own power. In the polemical context of the Contra Adimantium, however, this Act becomes a point of contention in view of the Manichaeans’ rejection of certain “scriptural” texts in favour of others, despite their liminal status within the canonical debates of late antiquity.


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